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Academic Resources

Being a Duke student can be inspiring, rewarding, and demanding. There are challenging classes and many exciting opportunities in and out of the classroom. The ARC offers resources to maximize your capabilities so you can cultivate successful academic experiences at Duke. The ARC offers: 

Learning Consultations: Individual meetings with an ARC learning consultant to enhance your academic skills and to learn strategies tailored to how you learn and your specific courses. Topics include time management; procrastination and motivation; how to balance study, work, and co-curricular activities; effective note-taking; exam preparation; and more. 

Peer Tutoring: Scheduled group tutorials for select courses. 

SAGE Learning Communities: Facilitated group learning opportunities for specific courses in math, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, computer science, physics, and economics. 

Study Connect: Connects students with their classmates to form course study groups. Students can also find other students interested in study groups for the GRE and MCAT. 

LD/ADHD Support: Services such as ADHD coaching and learning strategies and resources. 

Get a strong start! Contact the ARC to learn more about what they offer. The ARC is located in the Academic Advising/Resource Center Building on East Campus. They can be reached at 919-684-5917 or

The TWP Writing Studio offers you a space to meet with fellow Duke students with writing expertise to consult on anything writing-related, whether it be a specific project or your writing process in general. Discussing your work at any stage (from brainstorming to revision to final clarification) with a Writing Studio consultant will help you develop the awareness and skills to excel as a writer, both for particular courses and for college-level writing in general.

Appointments are available face-to-face and synchronously online. We also offer asynchronous online appointments for students outside Durham. For more information, visit

Duke University Libraries offer a premier research collection of more than 6 million titles. The Duke Libraries include Perkins-Bostock on West Campus as well as the Lilly Library and Music Library on the First-Year East Campus. All our libraries welcome and support students by providing the study spaces, the technology, and the people to help jumpstart your research. All of the Libraries’ combined resources – including digital and streaming formats – are found in

For all first-year students, each  East Campus Residence Hall is paired with a dedicated research librarian. Learn more when you visit the first-year portal at

**Of interest to Pratt Students: There is a subject specialist available, the Librarian for Engineering and Computer Science.

Students at Duke University join a community dedicated to scholarship, leadership and service and to the principles of honesty, fairness, respect and accountability. Citizens of this community commit to reflect upon and uphold these principles in all academic and nonacademic endeavors, and to protect and promote a culture of integrity. To uphold the Duke Community Standard, you will be asked to affirm the following:

  • I will not lie, cheat, or steal in my academic endeavors
  • I will conduct myself honorably in all my endeavors
  • I will act if the Standard is compromised

You can learn more about the Duke Community Standard at