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Pratt Advising

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As a Pratt student, you will have a network of advising resources—your academic dean, your faculty advisor, the Directors of Academic Engagement and the E-Team. Your advising network will also grow to include other mentors from across campus. Together, these individuals will help you discover and understand the multiple curricular and co-curricular opportunities at Duke and introduce you to Duke’s intellectual community.

Specialized advising is also available for students planning to pursue graduate education in health, business or law fields. Students who ask questions and seek advice will find a receptive group of individuals who are eager to assist them.


You will have the same academic dean for your entire Duke career. Your dean oversees your progress to graduation, helps you understand Duke’s academic policies, provides assistance during difficult academic and/or personal times and can serve as an important member of your advising network.

Your dean’s name will appear in DukeHub on or around August 1. He/she is well-connected across campus and can make referrals to appropriate resources that can be helpful to you in your situation. Academic Deans are available to virtually meet throughout the summer.


As a Pratt first-year student you will be assigned a 360 Coach. 360 Coaches provide guidance and mentorship focused not only on successfully completing your academic degree, but also on building a meaningful college experience that leads to a fulfilling life after graduation.

Through regular interactions, 360 Coaches: provide first-year students with the tools, information, and knowledge to help with a smooth transition to university life; support and help students navigate through common first-year issues; assist students in navigating the complex network of resources available across Duke and make referrals as-needed; and guide students in their exploration and selection of a major, as well as career direction. In your second year, you will have an assigned faculty advisor in your preferred department.


E-Team Peer Advisor assist firs-year engineering students in your transition to Duke by creating an immediate network of support from engineering students who can answer questions, share experiences, and offer advice. E-Team Peer Advisor assist their peers as they navigate academic and social decisions, and embrace well-being.


Directors of Academic Engagement are specialists in the curricular, co-curricular and research opportunities you can explore while at Duke, such as Global and Civic Engagement; Arts and Humanities; Natural and Quantitative Sciences; and Social Sciences. For example, DAEs for Global and Civic Engagement can help Pratt students integrate DukeEngage and semester away experiences into a Pratt education. DAEs are extremely knowledgeable about opportunities in their areas of specialization including interdisciplinary research opportunities. Meeting with a DAE early in your Duke career can be a valuable experience.