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Course Information

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0-199: Introductory level undergraduate courses

200-399: Mid-level undergraduate courses

400-499: Advanced undergraduate courses, senior seminars, capstone courses, honors theses

500-699: Graduate courses open to advanced undergraduates

700-999: Graduate courses only for graduate students, not open to undergraduates

House courses: House courses do not count toward the 34 credits needed to graduate.

You are expected to enroll in a minimum of four 1.0 credit courses each semester. You are allowed to enroll in a maximum of 4.5 credits this fall in order to have plenty of time to experience Duke courses, develop new friendships, explore opportunities and transition well to campus life.

Courses numbered 199 or less are introductory courses. Courses numbered from 200 through 399 are mid-level undergraduate courses. Both, introductory and mid-level courses are open to all undergraduate students. However, you should check the course description and instructor’s synopsis in Duke Hub to make sure the course is suitable for you and that you meet the course requirements. If you have any doubts, check with an academic dean in Pratt during the summer and then discuss this with the instructor during the first class.

Most academic courses carry 1.0 credit. A one-credit course typically meets for three or four hours each week. Engineering courses, as well as courses in the natural sciences, math and computer science may also include a required laboratory or discussion (for no additional credit). A few language departments offer intensive courses that count for 2.0 credits. Partial-credit courses include music lessons, physical education, dance and house courses (usually .25 or .5 credits). You need a total of 34 course credits to graduate. Note: Pratt does not count House courses toward degree requirements.

Occasionally a course will be sponsored or cross-listed in two or more departments. For example, the course “Biological Bases of Behavior” is listed as both PSY 106 and NEUROSCI 101. They are both the same class, and you can register for whichever subject meets your needs.

Some courses may require you to have a permission number from the instructor before enrolling. This is also noted in the enrollment information panel of each course. You will need to contact the instructor, and ask for a permission number. You can add these courses to your Shopping Cart, but DukeHub will only enroll you during registration if you have received a permission number from the instructor and have entered it into DukeHub. Enrolling in any class during the second week of a semester also requires a permission number.

Some courses will require you to have AP credit, credit for a Duke course or some other substantial background before enrolling. This information is noted in the course details in DukeHub. If you do not meet the prerequisite, although you can add the class to your shopping cart, the system will only allow you to enroll during registration if your prerequisite credit is met.