First-Year Dining Program

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First-year students are required to have a Dining Plan that includes 14 pre-paid, all-you- care-to-eat meals each week (Board Plan) plus Food Points (see sidebar on page 8) for a la carte meal purchases. The First-Year Dining Plan, known as Plan I, is designed to enhance the undergraduate experience. Centered around Marketplace, the main East Campus dining facility, the First-Year Dining Plan provides a wide range of choices and fosters a sense of community through dining together. The First-Year Dining Plan is divided into two parts: the Board Plan and Food Points. The Board Plan covers all breakfast, dinner and brunch meals and Food Points cover any other meal or snack. Students may add more points as necessary.

All incoming first-year students who live on East Campus will be automatically enrolled in dining plan I. All incoming first-year students who are assigned to live on West Campus will be automatically enrolled in Plan G.

Dining PlanTotal Cost per Semester*Food Points Value
included per Semester
Weekly Average
Food Points Value
Daily Average
Food Points Value
Plan I
Plan G
*Total cost per semester does not include a 7.5% NC Sales surcharge or the $25 per semester dining fee.

You get a total of 14 Board Plan meals each week at Marketplace: five for breakfast; seven for dinner and two for weekend brunch (1 for Saturday and 1 for Sunday).

You receive one breakfast daily, Monday through Friday. A breakfast equivalency of $5.00 may be used for breakfast at The Skillet (Brodhead Center) until 10:30 am, or for lunch at Marketplace until 2:30 pm for those who miss breakfast. Breakfast and brunch at Marketplace or its equivalency must be used each day; they do not carry over to the next day

Lunch can be at the Duke Dining location of your choosing by way of Food Points.

All meals must be used each day
; they do not carry over. Brunches are available Saturday and Sunday only.You will receive one dinner daily, seven days a week at Marketplace. If a dinner meal is missed a dinner equivalency of $9.58 may be used at Trinity Café after 9 pm. A dinner swipe can be also used at the Freeman Center, Monday through Thursday.

You will receive four complimentary guest meals each semester at Marketplace.

To view all dining plan transactions log in to your account through the DukeCard website. For more detailed information about your First-Year Dining Plan please visit: