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Learn more about DukeCard at the Campus Resources webinar on May 25, 2023.

Your DukeCard is a vital part of your life at Duke University. The DukeCard serves as identification for all official interactions at Duke, provides access to everything from your residence hall to athletic events, and virtually eliminates the need to carry cash on campus. With your card, you’ll be able to use your meal plan, your Food Points and your flexible spending (FLEX) account.

Visit the DukeCard Photo Submission page for photo specs and to upload your photo online. Once your photo has been approved, you can add your DukeCard to your iOS or Android device. Details are available on the Mobile DukeCard page. Note that you may only use your Mobile DukeCard on your own personal device. 

You may opt to use a chosen/preferred first name on your Mobile DukeCard. Go to DukeHub to designate your chosen/preferred first name (“My Profile” -> click the pencil icon next to “Preferred Name”). Your chosen/preferred first name will be reflected on your Mobile DukeCard within two hours after you make your update. 

eAccounts is the key to viewing your account balances, transactions and statements. Access the eAccounts portal from your computer. For mobile access, download and install the eAccounts mobile app from the Apple or Android app stores. 

If you receive a Duke grant, we do not increase that grant to cover additional food points or FLEX charges. 

The DukeCard Office is open by appointment only. Visit Schedule a DukeCard Appointment to schedule your visit to the DukeCard Office. When you arrive, you will be asked to wait in a designated area outside the office until you are admitted by a staff person. 

Residence Halls and Academic Buildings

Access to residence halls is controlled by your DukeCard. Use your card for access to your residence hall around the clock. Many other buildings on campus are locked after hours, but you’ll be able to use your DukeCard to gain access if you’re authorized.  

Recreational Facilities

Your DukeCard allows you to access gyms on East and West Campus, tennis courts, and other recreational facilities. 

Athletic Events

You’ll use your DukeCard, rather than tickets, for authorized access to athletic events, including basketball and football games on campus. 


As a first-year student, you are required to participate in a dining board plan, and you’ll use your DukeCard for access to the dining halls. For more information, see the Dining section of this book or visit 

Flex Account

Your DukeCard comes with your FLEX account set up for you. When you add credit to your FLEX account, you’ll be able to use campus laundry machines (very important!) and buy everything including food at campus dining facilities, stores, vending machines and even textbooks. You can add funds to your FLEX account with cash, check, debit card or Bursar charge. Visit DukeCard, here for more information. 

Account Statements

You can get your dining points and FLEX statements online through the eAccounts portal or the eAccounts mobile app. Available information includes starting and ending account balances, an itemized list of all transactions for the current month and statements for the previous six months. 

Problem Resolution

If you believe your account was improperly charged, take a copy of your sales receipt or account statement to the location where the transaction occurred. For other account issues, contact the DukeCard Office at 919-684-5800. 

Report a Lost Card Immediately

If you lost your card, log into the eAccounts portal to suspend your card; this process blocks use of your account funds and access privileges. 

Improper Use

If you see anyone propping a door open, abusing a DukeCard reader, or using someone else’s card or mobile device, please notify Duke Police at 919-684-2444.