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Proposed Tuition and Fees (subject to Board approval)Per Term
TUITION (Trinity College and Pratt School of Engineering$31,725.00


Undergraduate First Time Registration $180.00
Student Activity Fee$149.00
Student Service Fee$376.00
Recreation Fee$180.00 
Health Fee$472.50 
Mail Box Rental*$38.00
Engineering Government Dues (Pratt Students Only)$30.00
Parking Permit*$402.00
*assessed Fall term only **(22/23 rate, 23/24 rate not yet finalized


Single- A/C$6,528.00
Double- A/C$4,942.00
Triple- A/C$4407.00
Residential Programming Fee $55.25 


First-Year Board (required for all first-year students)***$3,337.00
Plan I***$910.00 
Dining Fee$25.00
***NC Sales surcharge (7.5%) is not included

For assistance with your bill or student account, please contact the Bursar’s Office

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PROXY ACCESS                    

Proxy Access allows you to give access to your student account, financial aid, and bill information to a parent or third party. For instructions, visit: