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Welcome to your new home! The Housing and Residence Life (HRL) staff is excited to welcome you to East Campus. You’ll find that living on campus allows you to enjoy the total Duke Experience. Our residential programs are designed to build positive communities that value learning, create new opportunities for faculty engagement, and generate positive social connections. 


On the behalf of the Housing and Residence Life team on East Campus, it is my pleasure to welcome you to your new home at Duke University. The residence halls are a core element of the amazing college experience you will enjoy here on campus, and you are a part of what makes the residential community at Duke University come alive. One of my hopes for the class of 2027 is that you will take advantage of as many intellectual engagement and community connection opportunities Duke University has to offer both on East Campus and in your connecting quad on West Campus. There is no shortage of student leaders and staff members who are willing and ready to assist you as you begin this next stage of your life. 

Please know that the Housing and Residence Life team is committed to your success while you are at Duke University. As you join us on campus, I want to encourage you to participate in your House Council and get to know your Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) and your Residence Life Team! Attend programs and events in and outside of the residence halls and positively contribute to the multiple communities within Duke that you will connect to. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your RA, your Residence Coordinator (RC) or the main East Campus HRL office (located on the side of Southgate Hall facing Trinity). I hope to meet you and I feel free to stop me and say “hi” if you see me around campus. 


Dr. Brandin Howard 

Campus Dean for East Campus and Apartments 

Housing and Residence Life 

QuadEx is our model for living and learning at Duke. Our model seeks to establish an enduring community structure and foundation that allows students to better connect with one another and with campus resources throughout their four years.

  • Enhanced Quad-based social and intellectual opportunities will extend the best of Duke’s living and learning experiences to all students. 
  • East Campus Houses are permanently connected to associated West Campus Quads. 
  • First-year students will have automatic membership into their affiliated Quad on West Campus. 

Quads create a strong community foundation on day one by linking you with classmates in your East Campus residence hall and upperclassmen in your quad. In addition to your classmates, the Quad model also connects you to an Academic Guide, Faculty-In-Residence, and Faculty Fellow who all work to support the learning community of their resepctive quads.

HRL makes every effort to meet the preferences (room type, medical needs, FOCUS Program, etc.) of students returning all required materials by the May 31, 2023 deadline. We cannot guarantee a student’s preferences will be met if the housing application is completed after the deadline.