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East Campus Community 

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Who’s Who? 

RA | Resident Assistant; a student leader assigned to your floor; fosters community in your house; helps you acclimate to Duke and Durham; plans activities; mediates conflicts; points you in the right direction. 

PA | Program Assistant; a graduate student who plays a major role in developing healthy and inclusive communities that deliver on the promise of a residential experience that is inspiring, engaging, and fun.  

ARC | Assistant Residence Coordinator; a senior level graduate student who has many of the same responsibilities as an RC. They supervise RAs, advise house council, and meet with residential students. 

RC | Residence Coordinator; a full-time, live-in professional who supervises RAs and GRs; helps students with residential and academic concerns. 

FIR | Faculty-in-Residence; faculty members who live in the residence halls; host events and create a heightened sense of intellectual curiosity. Learn more about the Faculty-in-Residence here: 

House Councils at Duke University are fantastic opportunities for students to engage in a positive and enriching residential experience. House councils are elected student representatives who work collaboratively with residence life staff to organize exciting events and activities within the residence halls. House Councils promote a sense of community and belonging by providing a platform for students to get involved and connect with their peers.  

You can participate in social events, educational programs, and community service projects, as well as make your voice heard on important issues impacting your community. Being a member of House Council is a fulfilling experience that can help you develop leadership skills, build friendships, and create lifelong memories.  

Keep an eye out on your Duke email over the summer to learn more about House Councils, available positions, and how to run for your council! 

The East Campus Council (ECC) is a group of elected student officers and representatives from each House on East Campus. As the first-year class council and student governance body for East Campus, ECC works alongside the individual East Campus House Councils to make sure your residential experience is the best it can be. 

ECC’s goal is to enhance campus life by providing support and direction through active leadership and community involvement. They host awesome events throughout the year, from movie nights and viewing parties for Duke Basketball to the annual Bricks to Stone Ball. They also make sure that campus is a safe, educational, and enjoyable experience for everyone by advocating for first-year needs and making sure that your voices are heard.  

East Campus Council elections will occur at the same time as House Council elections. Information about running for ECC will be sent to you before August! 

Duke’s Focus Program for first-year students provides clusters of courses designed around an interdisciplinary theme with a residential component. Students participate in a shared housing experience with other FOCUS students that facilitates discussion and scholarly exploration while taking part in Duke’s rich East Campus living environment. Please note that as we make assignments, participation in the Focus Program supersedes most other housing preferences. For more information, go to 

Blue Devil Buddies is a mentoring program designed to help ease first-year and transfer students’ transitions to Duke, make the Duke community feel more welcoming and inclusive to students, and create connections between incoming students and upperclassmen within their Quad. When you sign up, you’ll be paired with an upperclassman to serve as your Buddy. Over 67% of the class of 2025 participated in the program, and it has grown to become a household name at Duke –– a testament to its helpfulness and popularity. 

HRL makes every effort to meet the preferences (room type, medical needs, FOCUS Program, etc.) of students returning all required materials by the May 31, 2023 deadline. We cannot guarantee a student’s preferences will be met if the housing application is completed after the deadline.