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Room Assignments

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Tuesday, May 25, 2022

Duke has two campuses: East and West. All first-year students live on East. The distance between the campuses is walkable, but most students choose to ride Duke’s frequent and free buses. Room assignments are randomly generated. Buildings and bedrooms differ slightly in their configuration.

WHAT DO THE ROOMS LOOK LIKE? Click on the dorm you would like to see, read its description and click on “photo options” at the bottom.

Most housing on East Campus is Mixed-gender, meaning that students of differing gender identities may live on the same floor as one another, but not in the same room/suite, with gender-designated bathrooms and, in some cases, all gender bathrooms.

Similar-gender areas are those where all residents share a similar gender identity. These areas have gender-designated bathrooms.

All Gender Housing refers to individual rooms or suites where the gender of the roommates is not taken into consideration when the room is assigned through the assignment process. All gender housing is located across East Campus, on floors with a designated all gender bathroom and gender-designated bathrooms. While this is intended to support students who identify as LGBTQIA, this is available to all students who feel they would be more comfortable in a all gender room/suite or feel they could provide a safe and inclusive space for another student regardless of gender identity/expression, sexual/romantic orientation, or any other factor.


First-year students choose from two room types: single or double. A single room houses one student; a double, two students. Single room rates are more than double rooms. Most students will live in double rooms. First-year students who are assigned a single room should note that single rooms are not guaranteed for sophomores unless pre-approved through the Student Disability and Access Office (SDAO). More information about room rates can be found at:

Duke University grants are adjusted to reflect the cost of your room (excludes premium housing rates). If you move to a single, we increase your grant. There is no financial advantage to switching rooms if you receive a Duke University grant.

Students are not able to choose the building they would like to live in.

All bathrooms are shared with other students. Bathrooms are either designated male or female (gender-designated bathrooms) or all gender. At least one all gender bathroom can be found in each building. Students will vote at the beginning of each semester to have bathrooms locked or unlocked.

All residence halls on East Campus have air conditioning. Types of A/C include: central air and portable window units.

HRL makes every effort to meet the preferences (room type, medical needs, etc.) for students returning all required materials by the Tuesday, May 31, 2022 deadline. We cannot guarantee that a student’s preferences will be met.

Medical/Disability Housing Information


HRL works in conjunction with the Student Disability Access Office (SDAO) to ensure consistency in evaluating special housing requests. Documentation of the disability or condition by an appropriate health care provider will be needed to accurately and equitably evaluate requests based on medical, psychological, or disability-related conditions. This per- son(s) must not have personal ties to the student or the student’s relatives. Learn more about disability access at