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Health and Safety

phone: 919-684-2444 |

Duke University is a safe and healthy place for students to learn, grow and enjoy their college experience. Your safety and health are our top priorities. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect and how to access resources at Duke.

Duke has many resources dedicated to the community’s security. This includes strong partnerships between Student Affairs, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Duke University Police Department, and others. The police department at Duke is a full-service department with a 24-hour communications center, security officers and commissioned police officers. Duke encourages you to be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times–whether at work, in class, at home or at a social gathering. Students are reminded to lock their doors, not to walk alone at night and to avoid unfamiliar, dimly lit areas. You’re also urged to avoid risky behavior, such as excessive drinking, which may lead to negative consequences.

The majority of reported campus incidents involve property thefts that can be avoided with simple steps like locking doors or vehicles and not leaving personal property and electronic devices unattended or in plain view.

In the event of a significant campus emergency or specific crime, Duke has various methods to alert you as soon as possible, including:

  • Email: Depending on the nature and location of an emergency, Duke may send a “DukeALERT” email. Update your contact information in DukeHub (, making certain that addresses, phone numbers and email are current.
  • Outdoor Warning System: Sirens may broadcast alerts.
  • Text Message: A message may be sent to students’ mobile devices.
  • Web: Emergency information will be posted on main Duke websites and
  • Phone: Messages will be on 919-684-INFO (4636). Add this number to your phone.
  • Direct Contact: HRL staff may post emergency notices and safety information in residence halls, if circumstances allow.
  • To learn more about safety and police services, please visit and read our Annual Security Report.

Act Fast

Please report any suspicious activity, stalking, assaults, harassment or other concerning behavior immediately to Duke Police. 

Emergency: 9-1-1 

Non-emergency: 919-684-2444 

Safety Resources and Services

  • Download the LiveSafe app from the Apple or Android app stores
  • Van rides that operate at certain hours and within a boundary 
  • Read Duke’s Annual Clery Security Report (campus crime statistics) and watch safety videos at 
  • Education in crime prevention and more 

Digital Displays

Large screen displays are located at prominent locations across campus and will display emergency messages when circumstances merit. 

Duke Student Wellness

In the heart of campus, the Student Wellness Center and the integration of services function as an example of the collaborative spirit unifying mental health, physical health and holistic wellness. When we as community members are actively caring for ourselves and one another, the community becomes strong and healthy. There is no “right way” of wellness that can be applied to all people, but there are common elements to guide us: exceptional care and coaching, guiding proactive wellness choices, assisting with health needs and support- ing the path to greater personal success and happiness. Duke continually strives to be a community that encourages caring and compassion for each of our members. Please visit for more information. 

Stay Connected

The free Duke LiveSafe mobile app offers simple, two-way communication between students and Duke Police. Students can report tips by text, photo or video using a smartphone about anything from an accident and safety hazard to suspicious activity and assault. The app also features GPS technology to allow friends and family to SafeWalk students virtually to a destination and quick access to emergency calls to Duke Police or 9-1-1. Download LiveSafe via Apple and Android app stores. 

Healthcare Services

We offer a wide range of healthcare services, many of which are covered by the student health fee, including: 

  • Primary Care 
  • Counseling and Psychological Services 
  • Nutrition Services 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Physical Therapy 
  • Dental Care 
  • Laboratory 
  • Immunizations 
  • Allergy Clinic 
  • Travel Clinic 

As a part of Duke’s efforts to preserve a living and working environment supportive of behaviors that contribute to the physical health and wellbeing of all community members, the use of tobacco products including electronic smoking devices such as e-cigarettes and vaping products, cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos and hookahs are prohibited in all buildings and grounds owned or leased by Duke University. 

Duke Recreation and Physical Education

Undergraduate students have access to all recreation programs and facilities (Brodie & Wilson Recreation Centers). Recreation services are in place to help students establish and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle while at Duke and beyond. Visit for more information. 

Duke staff, students, and faculty participate in the Zumba Strong class, one of Duke Recreation’s many group fitness classes, in Wilson Recreation Center.