International Orientation

Join us Wednesday July 21 for our Peer Connections webinar.

**All program dates are subject to change due to implications of COVID-19. Please continue to check this page and Duke University’s Coronavirus Response website for the most current information.**

International House is excited to welcome you to Duke University for the International Orientation which will be held virtually this year. We hope Duke and International House will be a place for you to connect, learn and grow.

“I was extremely ecstatic to come to Duke, but also worried about fitting in, especially being 21-years old. International Orientation and the IHouse staff provided me with the safety net I needed to start my journey at this incredible institution. As international students, we form a diverse community representing many different cultures, and international orientation enabled me to bond with other students who became my close friends. I am grateful for being able to take part in International Orientation and would highly recommend it to any incoming international student. Go Duke!”Itamar Barak, Ramat Gan, Israel, Class of 2021

You should attend International Orientation if any of the following pertains to you:

  • You self-identify as an international student regardless of citizenship or residency (including in the United States)
  • You live outside the U.S.
  • You were born outside the U.S., but now live in the U.S. and feel connected to the international community
  • You have lived outside the U.S. for a portion of your life
  • You consider yourself a global nomad/third-culture kid
  • Get to know other first-year students, upperclass students, and the I-House staff
  • Build a sense of community among all the new international students
  • Become familiar with the Duke campus
  • Get a head start and move in early before the Orientation Week begins

The students who register and attend the International Orientation will be allowed to participate in this virtual onboarding experience. When information comes out about moving to campus, we encourage you to move in early if possible so that you have enough time to rest, get over jet lag, meet your upperclass orientation peer leaders, attend pre-orientation events and be ready for the orientation. If you are not attending our International Orientation, your move-in date will be announced soon.

There will be an orientation program for your parent(s) or family members who are accompanying you to Duke. Please tell your family about it, and be sure to join us for an immersive virtual experience!

Dates and times for this program will be announced soon.

To register or to find out more about International Orientation for Parents and Families, go to:

This year we have a team of 15 returning student leaders called International House Orientation Peers (IHOP). They are a unique group of students who can offer their suggestions on how to make your Duke experience as enriching and rewarding as possible. You will be assigned an IHOP and they will correspond with you through email in June and July so please keep an eye on your inbox! To learn more about your IHOP and the rest of the team, please check out their biographies:

Diving into a new environment can be challenging. It is common to feel overwhelmed, uneasy, or have concerns about your college life. We hear from students who have attended our orientation that International Orientation helped them not only thrive at Duke, but also connect with people who ended up becoming their close friends.

International Orientation is an opportunity for you to:

  • Make connections with other first-year and returning students before you are thrown into the bigger crowd of all the new students.
  • Be welcomed and supported by the IHOP team who can share their past experiences as new students.
  • Learn about academic, social and cultural adjustment, residence life, student leadership involvement, networking and developing meaningful relationships with peers, faculty and staff, and get academic, spiritual, or counseling support.
  • Move in before the rest of the undergraduate students and get settled into your residence hall.

We hope you will join us for the International Orientation as well as other pre-orientation activities. Please remember that registration is required and if you want more information, please visit International House’s website:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact International House at or telephone: 919-684-3585.


If you are traveling alone and this is your first time to the US, please make sure to request the AIRPORT WELCOME option when completing the online registration for International Orientation. If you are traveling with others, please see the link for transportation options available from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU):

International students represent approximately 10% of the undergraduate student body. There are students from more than 80 nations presently studying at Duke. After the United States, these are the top five countries with the greatest undergraduate representation:

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Canada
  4. South Korea
  5. United Kingdom

International Undergraduate Student Orientation dates will be announced soon. To learn more about the schedule and how to register, please visit International House’s website:

New Student Orientation begins for all undergraduate students: Tuesday, August 17

Two days of International Orientation was a perfect transition for me to Duke and the States. Since all international students share common feelings, students can easily build meaningful and lasting relationships through various activities. I also met one of my best friends here. I could also get valuable insights for both academic and social life, by talking to IHOPS and amazing faculty. Wonderful time with wonderful people.”Bogyung Kim Busan, South Korea, Class of 2021