Project BUILD

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“BUILD creates a unique space that welcomes any incoming student exactly as they are. This acceptance and community create a strong foundation for first-year students to begin their Duke career. I have always loved BUILD and I am lucky to be a part of this community.”

Andrew Oliver, 2018 BUILD Director

“Project BUILD was the perfect introduction to Duke and Durham. BUILD is a great balance of fun and service, and the BUILD community is full of so many wonderful, caring, and driven people, many of whom remain some of my close friends today.”

– Class of 2023 BUILDer


If you have any questions of concerns about the program, please email the BAT ( or Finn Brauer, the Program Director (Email:, Phone: 585-733-1600).

General questions about the pre-orientation experience can be directed to Jordan Hale in the New Student Programs Office (Email:, Phone: (919) 6184-3511).


If you haven’t already, make sure you join the “Official Duke University Class of 2025” Facebook Group, our Facebook Group “Project BUILD 2021,” and follow us on Instagram @pbuildstagram. Please remember to check your Duke emails frequently for updates regarding the program. We can’t wait to meet you!


Hey everyone! On behalf of the whole program, we would like to warmly welcome you to the BUILD fam. We are super excited you have decided to join us this summer! We are a community-service oriented program that is dedicated first and foremost to community-building and creating genuine and supportive connections. Every year we construct our own community of upperclassmen crew leaders and first-year crewlettes, and every year we remain dedicated to our central goal of enhancing the first-year experience and being the best introduction to life at Duke and in Durham. We can’t wait to welcome you to this community that we love so much. See you soon!

  • The 2021 Project BUILD Administrative Team (BAT)


Project BUILD is and has always been designed to be the best introduction to life at Duke and in Durham through participating in community service in these communities. We are one of Duke’s oldest and largest pre-orientation programs, founded by Duke Students back in the 1980’s.

BUILD itself is an acronym – BUILD stands for Building Undergraduate Involvement in the Life of Durham. We typically introduce BUILDers to service opportunities in the Durham community by partnering with service sites such as TROSA, the Scrap Exchange, Campus Farms, and the Duke Lemur Center. BUILD is planned and run entirely by students, and our staffers are among Duke’s best, brightest, kindest, and most involved. Participants can expect to feel confident about their transition to Duke and have strong friendships and a network of people who are motivated to see them succeed across all four years they’re here.


Just like every year – we’re pumped to have you all joining us for the BUILD 2021 Program! We are excited to introduce elements of Duke and Durham history, identify opportunities for future, continued service for participants, and to bond through our shared love for helping others throughout the course of the program.

More importantly though – BUILD hopes to create an inclusive social and support network through our common passions for community. Along with the service-related programming we will have each day, the majority of our activities will give you tons of goofy, fun, and overall amazing opportunities to connect with your fellow, incoming first-years, as well as lots of upperclass staffers.


BAT – Build Administrative Team. The all-undergraduate-student executive leadership team that oversees and organizes BUILD, all of whom are rising juniors!

Crew – The 6(ish) person group of BUILDers organized for bonding and as teams for activities! Includes 4 first-year Crewlettes and 2 upperclass Crew Leaders.

Crew Leader – The 47 upperclass student staffers who serve as peer mentors and help introduce y’all to Duke and Durham!

Crewlettes – You! First-year BUILD participants.

SCrew(s) – Sister Crews! Little cluster communities of 2-3 crews.

BLAM – BUILD Love And Mine. Basically just the BUILD energy and love!

BUILD – Building Undergraduate Involvement in the Life of Durham

For more information on Project BUILD, feel free to visit their program site by clicking here or by contacting us directly.