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Brandon Lindsey and Kate Straneva

We at Project Waves have been conducting research for the past 15 years. We are happy to share our model for the perfect introduction to the Duke Community:

Duke students + kayaking + Good vibes only + marine conservations = best introduction to Duke

Can’t argue with science folks. The sun rays and salty sea are the perfect conditions to form friendships that will last a lifetime. Learn about yourself, the ocean, friendship, and how to protect our beautiful planet on this one-of-a-kind program. The friendships forged on this Project Waves with fellow first-years and staff members will support you through the tides of your four years at Duke!

Come join the P-WAVES family!!! One thing that sets our Pre-O apart from the others is the incredible bond that is shared between all of the crewlings and staff members not only during the week, but far into your first year at Duke, and even further!


Project Waves Pre-Orientation Program strives to create an open and honest environment in which each first year begins to see Duke as a home. The program emphasizes community building, the acceptance of all people, and the opportunity for self discovery.


  • Structure:
    • The students will be split into crews of 8 students and 5 crews will make up an “armada”
    • Every crew will be assigned 2 crew leaders, one kayak leader, one surf leader, and one senior staff member
  • In a typical year, students will split time between Duke’s Marine Lab in Beaufort, North Carolina and Hammock Beach State Park in the North Carolinian archipelago. This year, the experience will take place in Durham with a variety of activities around the Research Triangle.


  • Our staff is composed of approximately 40 older Duke students who previously participated in P Waves as first-year students and use their experiences to continue improving the program year after year. They are so excited for you to join the Project Waves family!
  • The program design and staff training center around safety and enjoyment of the first-year students.
  • Staff members are all experts at creating community during the program and beyond!

Why P-Waves?

  • Make new friends!
  • Contribute to wildlife conservation efforts!
  • Learn about the main reason students choose Duke: building a strong community!

Financial Aid Available

  • Project Waves offers financial assistance to anyone who qualifies. The gear is also provided to students.

Trip Details

  • Dates: August 9 – 15, 2021