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Registration FAQs

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Registration windows are assigned based on the last two digits of your Duke Student ID, not your Unique ID. Your Student ID can be found in General Info under the My Profile section in DukeHub. Windows change with each registration period, so that if you register first this summer, you will register second in November (for spring registration). 

You can set up your shopping cart at the regular time and have a list of alternative classes ready. You can enroll via DukeHub online or using the DukeMobile app. We strongly encourage students to complete their own registration transactions. Contact the Office of the University Registrar at to make alternative arrangements if you do not have Internet access. Remember that you will be able to change your schedule when you arrive on campus. 

Drop/add is a period of time during which you can adjust your schedule. As a first-year student, you have one drop/add period. It will take place from July 30-September 9. 

Contact the Focus Program Office at 919-684-9370 or if you wish to change your FOCUS courses. You can drop/add through the normal procedures for your non-FOCUS courses. 

Look for other sections or classes with seats available, and move them into your shopping cart. Schedule Builder on DukeHub can help you choose alternate classes that will fit with your existing schedule. Under “Course Status” make sure you select “Open”. 

Check that all WRITING 101 sections are indeed full. It might be that only the sections you put in your shopping cart are full. Use Schedule Builder or the Advanced Class Search tool on DukeHub to search for open seats and add open sections to your shopping cart. If all the sections are full or incompatible with your schedule, contact a Pratt advisor for assistance. 

This is because sophomores, juniors and seniors registered for their fall classes. If a class that interests you is already full, chances are it is typically not available for first-semester students. It will likely be offered again in future semesters. 

Students can request an Enrollment Verification through DukeHub under the Academics section. For more information regarding enrollment requests, go to

If a course has an enforced prerequisite (i.e., it will say “Enrollment Requirement” in the Class Detail panel in Class Search), then you can add the course to your shopping cart , but you cannot enroll until the prerequisite course(s) appears in your Academics page. If you are still waiting for AP, IPC or pre-matriculation courses, then postpone enrolling until later. 

You can place courses that require permission numbers in your shopping cart, but the system will not enroll you until you enter a valid permission number. Permission numbers come from instructors. 

AP scores in previous years have been received at Duke around the first week of July, so you may know what credit you will receive by the time you register for classes. If your official scores are here, you will see your AP credits in the Test Scores and Transfer Credits sections under Academics in DukeHub (see section 3.8). If your AP scores are not received before registration, then choose classes based on how you think you did on your AP exams. If you receive your AP scores before July 23 and you determine that your placement is not correct, use the shopping cart feature to add courses to your potential fall schedule. If you are confused and unsure about placement, contact the Pratt Undergraduate Education Office and talk with an academic dean. Chemistry, math and foreign language departments often review placement during the summer, so they may also contact you if there are concerns.

Still have questions about fall courses, academic issues, curriculum requirements, etc.? Contact Pratt’s Office Undergraduate Education (, 919-660-5996) and speak with an academic dean.