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Trinity Registration

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The registration process for the fall will begin June 6 with you being granted access to your First-Year questions. You will be able to view your Shopping Cart beginning Monday, June 6. Course registration for incoming first-year students will take place July 12 and 14 in DukeHub. Your registration window will be determined by the last 2 digits of your Student ID number (this number normally begins with a 2).

This section guides you through the five steps required for enrolling in fall classes. The registration process will take placein DukeHub. First, you are strongly encouraged to verify and update the personal information we have on record for you here at Duke. Next you will have the chance to reflect on your academic experiences and plans in preparation for selecting your first-term classes

During the shopping cart process, you will browse available fall classes in DukeHub, visit department websites and check on your AP, IPC, PMC credit. While reviewing class options for the fall, you will place a selection of interesting or required courses into your shopping cart. You can use Schedule Builder to easily generate a class schedule that best fits your individual needs. We recommend you select 4.0 or 4.5 courses to enroll in for the fall and identify backup classes as alternatives should one of your preferred classes be full when you go to enroll.

Registration will commence July 12 and 14. Your registration window will be determined by the last two digits of your Duke Student ID number (normally begins with a 2). You can find your Student ID listed on the General Info tab under My Profile in DukeHub. You can continue to modify your schedule until the end of drop/add on September 9. Steps, tasks and dates are outlined below:


Shopping Cart: Pre-registration time when you search for classes and place interesting courses in your shopping cart. You may add and delete classes from your shopping cart frequently

Registration Window: The actual day that you register for classes, listed under Enrollment Dates in the Enrollment section of DukeHub. There are two registration windows; you will be assigned to one of them based on the last two digits of your student ID number. If you are in the second window this fall, you will be in the first window in the spring.

Drop/Add: The period of time following registration when you can drop and add classes as you wish, changing and rearranging your schedule.

Need Advice?

The Academic Advising Center is open all summer to advise you about curriculum requirements, selecting fall classes, or registering. Contact information is listed at the top of this page.