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Step 4: Validating Your Schedule

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In this step, select four classes from your Shopping Cart that you wish to enroll in. Use the ‘Validate’ tool to check for time conflicts, required permission numbers and prerequisites. The system will allow validation up to 5 credits, although you will only be able to enroll in a maximum of 4.5 credits during your first semester.  

  1. From your Shopping Cart, check the boxes next to the four courses you wish to enroll in for the Fall 2023 term. 
  2. Click on the ‘Validate’ button. 
  1. Review the ‘Validation Results’.  You will see a status report that will tell you if enrollment will not be possible because of a time conflict, missing permission number, missing prerequisite or other error. You can update your shopping cart by adding and deleting classes and choosing other combinations of courses, then validate again until you find a schedule that works. 

You may validate multiple schedules to see what is possible before deciding on your final choices for registration. Classes you have checked for validation will remain checked when you next log in to DukeHub. Before your registration window opens, you are advised to check if spaces are available in your preferred classes in case it makes sense to choose another course instead. 

  • You should have four 1.0 credit courses. 
  • Check to see if there are prerequisites for your courses, and if so, confirm you meet these prerequisites. 
  • View your shopping cart graphically in Schedule Builder. You may find having some courses on MWF and others on TuTh gives you a more balanced schedule. 
  • If you are a student participating in FOCUS, you should have 2 non-FOCUS courses that you selected and 2.5 FOCUS courses that were already selected for you. 
  • Consider the time required (between 20-30 minutes) to travel between East and West Campus, where many classes are held. The room number and building of your courses are displayed in your shopping cart and when you use the class search tools in DukeHub. Keep in mind classroom assignments are subject to change. You can find the physical location of classes by going to or referring to the map in the front section of this Blue Book. East/West buses run every few minutes throughout the day. For more information about bus schedules, visit  You can also ask an advisor in the Academic Advising Center about this. 

You can get from any two buildings on East within 5 minutes. 

GROUP 1 (Biddle, Bivins, Brody Theater, Brodie Recreational Center, Art Center) buildings are about a five minute walk from the bus stop. 

GROUP 2 (Carr, Friedl, East Duke, West Duke, White Lecture Hall) buildings are right next to the bus stop. 

You should be able to get from any two buildings on West within 10 minutes. 

GROUP 3: Bio Sci, French Family, Physics, L.S.R.C., Teer, Hudson, Fitzpatrick (FCIEMAS) 

GROUP 4: Allen, Gray, Old Chem, Languages, Sociology Psychology, Social Science, Wilkinson 

GROUP 5: Gross Hall, Sanford, Rubenstein 

Group 1 to Group 3: 25-30 minutes 

Group 1 to Group 4: 20-25 minutes 

Group 1 to Group 5: 30 minutes 

Group 2 to Group 3: 20-25 minutes 

Group 2 to Group 4: 20 minutes 

Group 2 to Group 5: 20-25 minutes 

  • Four 1.0-credit courses (a required, normal load) 
  • Possibly an optional 0.5-credit course (If you are in FOCUS, you will have 4.5 credits.) 
  • WRITING 101, if you are among the students who must enroll 
  • A seminar if you are not assigned to enroll in WRITING 101